Modelling Project


  1. Create an updated NOOS bathymetry
  2. Define a set of common evaluation metrics

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More details on the project can be found on progress in the project was presented at the 2013 AM (NOOS modelling presentation).

The 2013 Modelling fact sheet gives details of planned activities.

The only available information on the present NOOS bathymetry can be found in the NOOS bathymetry poster.

Sebastian Legrand has prepared a useful memo on available bathymetries (with a minor update on 2013/09/06)

The survey on the use of model outputs for lateral boundary conditions is at:

Have a look at the results of the survey on the use of model outputs.

A synthesis of the user feedback obtained from the survey is found here.

Old Factsheets:

Previous Goals:

  1. To understand user requirement for boundary conditions from shelf wide models to drive local high resolution models.
  2. Facilitating the exchange of information on ocean modelling practices.
  3. Evaluate presently available bathymetries
  4. Create an updated NOOS bathymetry