BMA viewer

BMA viewer for Waterlevel & Surge

BMA viewer for waves

This viewer is still under construction. It is linked to the (non-operational) testversion at Deltares development system, containing RWS data though. In Menu one can choose waterlevel (Waterkwantiteit) or waves (Golven).

In rol-out menu in top one can choose background WMS service for waterlevel in Continental Shelf or the Southern North Sea model with Kalman filter. And for Waveheight/Swell the Continantal Shelf or Coastal Area model can be chosen.

In rol-out menu Live Data synoptic values for Dutch locations can be displayed. Waterlevel Coastal stations: “10´ gem. waterhoogte tov. NAP” or offshore: “10´ gem. waterhoogte t.o.v.MSL”. For Significant Waveheight H1/3 choose “gem. golfh van het hoogste 1/3 deel”.

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