on Water level observations and forecasts

Observations and forecasts (different methods)

First of all the NOOS Waterlevel product and quasi-synoptic surge map


Belgian coast forecast tables and maps (RBINS Marine Forecasting Centre)

Around Danmark obs&forecast (DMI) – obs & forecast (FCOO)

Norwegian coast (kartverket) – obs & forecast

all Norwegian marine realtime stations – obs (Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, NVE)

German Bight obs & forecast (BSH) & all German water level stations obs (WSV) (only in German)

Netherlands-North Sea (KNMI) (site bottom)

UK – coastal stations (NERC / NTSLF)

Irish coastal stations (Marine Institute) – All Irish water level stations (OPW-Office of Public Works)

All Scottish stations (SEPA – Scottish Environment Protection Agency)

all English stations (Environmental Agency)