Annual Meeting 2018 (Brussels)

Meeting files

Minutes of the business meeting


NOOS members reports

NOOS projects reports




Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences – Rue Vautier 29, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium


To get access RBINS reception, please climb the small staircase half-hidden on the back left of the Museum entrance hall.

Monday Nov 19

Thematic Workshop : Uncertainty information in operational forecasting


Welcome words

Sébastien Legrand, Henning Wehde


Estimation of Estimated Accuracy Numbers for AMM15 Quid for CMEMS

Christine Pequignet


From waves ensemble forecast to services in support to oil and gas industry

Edward Steele, John Siddorn


Certain steps of Rijkswaterstaat on uncertainty information

Marc Philippart


BMA delays en use of astronomical tide: model and/or harmonic tide

Martin Verlaan


Probabilistic storm surge forecast – A new tool to asses storm surge risk

Ludwig Schenk, Stephan Dick




Multi-Model-Ensemble in NOOS

 Inga Golbeck, Stephan Dick
 16:10  NOOS-Drift : estimating drift forecast inacurracy  Sébastien Legrand
 16:35  Dissemination: Impact Matrix, Ensemble  Models and Climatology Data

Niels Holt

 17:00 A multi-collocation method to estimate observation and model errors with application to
wave height data in the North Sea
 Johannes Schulz-Stellenfleth
17:25 Discussion : How to further communicate uncertainty in national services ?
18:00 End first day

Tuesday Nov 20

NOOS member reports session


Belgian operational oceanography services at RBINS and MDK

S. Legrand and H. Poppe


New developments at the Marine Monitoring Network of BSH (MARNET)

Kai Herklotz


Advances in operational oceangraphy at DMI

Jacob Nielsen

The new Met Office / Copernicus eddy resolving assimilative forecasting system for the NWS

 John Siddorn

(10:40 Coffee Break)

EuroGOOS session

11:00 News from the secretariat and EuroGOOS priorities for 2019-2020 Glenn Nolan
11:30 Potential collaboration with surrounding ROOSes

11:50 EuroGOOS Working groups

  • Coastal WG
  • Science Advisory WG
  • Technology Plan working group
12:10 EuroGOOS TTs

  • FerryBox
  • Tide gauges
  • Gliders
  • HF-Radars
  • Argo Floats
  • Fixed platforms
  • Animal-borne instruments
 12:30  Discussion

  • How could EuroGOOS better support NOOS activities?
  • How could NOOS better benefit from EuroGOOS WGs and TTs activities?
  • How could NOOS better contribute to EuroGOOS WGs and TTs activities?

(13:00-14:00 Lunch)

European initiatives and projects



  • CMEMS,
  • CLAIM project,
  • EMODNET physics, EMODNET bathymetry, geology, habitat, etc
  • AtlantOS,
  • Immersed project
John Siddorn,

Jens Murawski,

Martin Verlaan,…

(15:30 – 16:00 Coffee Break)

NOOS activities review


 Status of the NOOS river run-off project status

Jacob Nielsen
16:15 Status of the NWS portal Susanne Tamm
16:30 ‘Update on the NOOS/CMEMS verification activity at the Met Office Christine Pequignet
16:30-17:00 Flash report:

  • water level data exchange
  • transport exchange
  • WG on drift
  • wave data exchange
  • waves forecast exchange
17:00 – 18:00

Brainstorming on NOOS next objectives: a.o.

  • Sustainibility analysis of the observing system
  • How could NOOS contribute to EOOS?
  • How to promote the usage of NOOS data, products and services in climate science?
  • How to promote the usage of NOOS data, products and services in ocean health?
  • Agreement on the main lines of a NOOS program 2019-2020

 19:30 NOOS diner

La Maison du Luxembourg” –  37, rue du Luxembourg 1050 Ixelles

Wednesday NOV 21

NOOS business review

  • Welcome, introductions
  • Adoption of Agenda
  • Appointment of a rapporteur
  • Minutes of the previous meeting; Status of the actions
  • NOOS Chairmen report
  • Discussion and decision on NOOS-services, projects and new projects/initiatives
  • Decision on progress NOOS-activities (partners, web-site, services, projects)
  • Collaboration with the other ROOSs and EuroGOOS
  • Review status of signatories to NOOS MoU, identify any candidate additional partners.
  • Elections or reappointments of Steering Group Members.
  • Format, place and date for the NOOS Annual Meeting 2019
  • AOB

12:00 Closure of the meeting (small lunch)

12:15  Short Steering group meeting

14:00 EOOS conference at the Egg, Brussels