Working Group on drift

The NOOS Working Group on Drift is a focal point centralising all possible collaborations and co‐ operations between NOOS member institutes and NOOS associated member institutes that could improve the accuracy of operational drift forecast services operated on the Greater North Sea. Those services have proved their interest as a support tool to decision makers in various fields such as oil and   chemical pollution, search and rescue activities, fish stock management (fish larvae transport), water quality management (harmful algae blooms transport), marine litters management…

The general objectives of the Working Group are

  • The promotion and the facilitation of information exchange on drift modelling, data, databases and validation cases (real cases and benchmarks);
  • The sharing of best practices and operational experiences;
  • The coordination of model to model comparison and validation studies as well as post‐crisis assessments;
  • The coordination of common experiences at sea with drifters;
  • The promotion of interoperability of the different operational model systems and services operated on the Greater North Sea.



EUR. NW SHELF - 67-DEM4-L5 Funded in the framework of CMEMS User Uptake Program, NOOS-Drift aims at developing and operating a multi-models ensemble system for improving the estimation of trajectory forecast accuracy in case of oil spill or search and rescue target adrift.

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