New EuroGOOS Biological Observing Working Group kicks off on 1 October

The EuroGOOS Biological Observing Working Group (BIOWG) kick-off meeting will take place virtually on 1 October 2021.

As EuroGOOS starts implementing its 2030 Strategy, the EuroGOOS General Assembly approved the establishment of the Biological Observing Working Group (BIOWG) in May 2021. The BIOWG is the first Working Group within the biological discipline in EuroGOOS, and will help the organization expand its scope into ocean health and climate services and create closer links with the marine biological community in Europe.

Chaired by Nicolas Pade from EMBRC-ERIC, the BIOWG will work on developing rigorous and operationally-focused standard specifications and operating procedures to generate quantitative and qualitative biological data products to integrate into existing ocean observation programmes and modelling efforts.

The BIOWG includes 29 members from 24 organisations and 17 nations whose initial work will focus on eDNA, multi-omics, and imaging.

Building and strengthening links and collaboration across different disciplines is essential for achieving a well-coordinated and integrated European operational oceanography and ocean observing capacity.

This kick-off meeting represents a decisive step towards this goal and an excellent opportunity to work, collaborate, and integrate with the marine biological community.

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