EuroGOOS promotes Ocean Literacy at the 28th IUGG General Assembly

EuroGOOS Ocean Literacy Working Group and the Scientists for Ocean Literacy UN Decade project will be promoted at the 28th General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG). Successfully implemented at pan-European level and with partners from the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and the Arctic regions, the EuroGOOS ocean literacy work has created new synergies and supported the efforts of UNESCO-IOC and the European Commission’s EU4Ocean coalition. A new addition to the Scientists for Ocean Literacy project is the establishment of the DOORS Ocean Literacy Network in 2023. The Network brings together academia, universities, NGOs, and communicators to promote the understanding of the scientific project results and foster ocean culture among the Black Sea citizens of all ages.

Ocean literacy raises awareness about our connection with the ocean and promotes co-creation of solutions to environmental degradation. Scientists should be working hand in hand with other professionals, specialists and educators in developing impactful ocean literacy activities. Furthermore, this would produce a fertile ground for co-creation among disciplines and sectors. Ocean literacy must be recognized as an important aspect of the work of research institutions and supported in scientific careers (Eparkhina et al, EuroGOOS, 2021).

Science alone cannot provide the solutions to the challenges we face – we need wider society to actively contribute. This has pushed forward the need for more ocean literacy. The EuroGOOS Scientists for Ocean Literacy project of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030 aims to empower scientists to actively engage with society and foster sustainable behaviour. The project expands the horizon of science communication towards a multi-stakeholder and multi-disciplinary dialogue, while building on the existing best practices of the European oceanographic and meteorological agencies. 

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