AMM7 vs AMM15

Model Product name AMM7v9PHYS_004_001_b AMM15PHY_004_013
Bathymetry GEBCO EMODnet 2015
Resolution ~7km ~15km
Time step 300s (30s barotropic sub_timestep) 60s (30s barotropic sub_timestep)
Penetrative radiation 1-band shortwave radiation light attenuation (as used in POLCOMS, Holt and James 2001) NEMO tri-band Red-Blue-Green (RGB)
Data Assimilation NEMOvar version (correlation operator short scale) v3 (~20km) v4 (~5km)
Forcing surface forcing UK met Office global atmospheric NWP CORE bulk formulae (Large and Yeager 2009) with ECMWF operational